Saiki City Castle Town Tourist Exchange Hall

Saiki City Castle Town Tourist Exchange Hall

"We provide information on sightseeing, events, accommodations, and a variety of brochures for Saiki. For those who have come to the easternmost point of Kyushu, we issue the 'Certificate of Arrival at the Easternmost Point of Kyushu' for 200 yen per certificate. Please take a photo on-site and present it at the Saiki City Tourist Information Center.
(February 2022)"

  • Saiki City
  • Adjacent to station

Facility information

1-1 Nakamuraminamimachi, Saiki City, Oita Prefecture (Inside Saiki City Hall)
Opening hours
9:00 to 17:00
from December 31st to January 3rd
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Type of vehicle, fees, etc. MODEL & RENTAL FEE

Vehicle type

  • Sports type
  • For children
  • city type
Road Bike
Cross Bike
City Cycle
Electric City Bikes

rental fee

Normal Bikes: 300 yen for the first 3 hours (additional 100 yen per hour for each hour beyond 3 hours),
Electric Bikes: 500 yen for the first 3 hours (additional 200 yen per hour for each hour beyond 3 hours). I
f returned after the closing time of 17:00, there is an additional fee of 500 yen for every 30 minutes.
Children (elementary school and below) pay half price.

Number of bicycles

3 Road Bikes,
2 Cross Bikes,
2 City Bikes,
5 Electric City Bikes

age limit

No age restrictions.
abandon a bicycle
conditions and charges for abandoning a bicycle
Return at either the Saiki City Tourist Information Center or the Saiki City Castle Town Tourism and Exchange Center. No additional fee. Payment is made at the return location.
advance reservation
Not required
guided tour
Not available
lending to foreigners
foreign language support
English, translation app is used for support in various languages.
Helmet rental
flat tyre repair
Not available
Not available
Not available
・advance reservations not required
・lending to foreigners
・Foreign language support
・There is a cycle station at the adjacent JR Saiki Station.
We do not lend bicycles in rainy weather. (Except for those who bring raincoats or rain gear.)